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    Domestic CCTV.

    I live in a 'leafy' village along with my husband (a Parish Councillor) and our 3 children. Our 'lovely' childless neighbours have taken it upon themselves to point a CCTV into my back garden - this CCTV does not cover their own property/back gate nor garage just mine! On both occasions at my requests - the Police informed us that the neighbours were recording my property.

    Police state they 'do not offer a service check' for the CCTV HD. ICO state it is a Police matter. So nobody to help me

    Where does that leave me - I am unable to safeguard my children in their very own garden? My only option was to go to B&Q and buy a tarpaulin to drape the entire 10m length of our garden to hide the CCTV

    Which governing body is monitoring the CCTV HD? = NONE

    Very interested in your comments

  2. Comment by John Heaver posted on

    OK ... I got here because I have the SCC blog as an rss feed.
    I set that up following an article I read in The Register about Devon and Cornwall police force deploying drones equipped with surveillance cameras which contained a reference to the SCC site.
    I guess I have a question about the scope of the engagement plan. I suppose the intent is to engage only with public authority deployed surveillance systems. Is that the case or are "private" installations also to be covered?

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      Comment by mickkelly posted on

      Thanks for your comment - the plan is to engage with anyone using surveillance cameras. Although, the legislation (Protection of Freedoms Act 2012) sets out a list of relevant authorities who must pay due regard to the surveillance camera code of practice - essentially police forces and local authorities.


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